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The UCTRONICS WIFI smart robot car kit is a flexible vehicular kit particularly designed for education, competition and entertainment.
The kit has an intelligence built in so that it guides itself whenever an obstacle comes ahead of it.
An Android APP is provided to connect with the robot car via wifi, easy to control robot. 


UCTRONICS WIFI smart robot car kit is designed for enthusiasts to get hands-on experience about Arduino programming, electronics assembling and robotics knowledge

This kit includes UNO R3 board for Arduino, HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor, L293D motor drive board, 9g micro servo motor, line tracking module, WIFI module and 5MP camera, ect. Batteries are not included, you need to prepare two 18650 batteries in advance

Working modes: Obstacle avoidance, line tracking, photos / videos taking, real-time video transmission through WIFI. Video demo: https://youtu.be/p29AVxl-zDo

APP control: Automatically self-built signal hotspot after power on, the user just needs to connect smart phone with the car's hotspot to control the car through an Android app

For better learning, a tutorial will be provided, instructions of how to assemble the robot car from scratch and all the necessary programs and codes are included. Installation video: https://youtu.be/_S0BNnSgIg

Package Including:

  • 1pcs UNO R3 Board for Arduino
  • 1pcs L293D Motor Drive Expansion Board
  • 1pcs HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor Module
  • 1pcs Holder for HC-SR04
  • 2pcs 9g Micro Servo Motor
  • 1pcs Line Tracking Module
  • 1pcs WIFI Core Board
  • 1pcs WIFI Adapter Board
  • 1pcs Camera Module
  • 1set PTZ
  • 1pcs Wrench Socket
  • 1pcs Screwdriver
  • Some Cables as Gift
  • 1set Car Chassis Kit:
  • 4pcs Wheels
  • 4pcs Geared Motors
  • 8pcs T-type Fastener
  • 1pcs 18650 Battery Container
  • 1pcs Car Chassis
  • Screws+ Nuts


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