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RFID/NFC Shield is a Near Field Communication interface for Arduino build around the popular NXP PN532 integrated circuit and SPI communication between Arduino and NFC Shield.. RFID/NFC is a short-distance radio technology that enables communication between devices that are held close together. RFID/NFC traces its roots in RFID technology and is an open platform technology standardized in ECMA-340 and ISO/IEC 18092.
RFID/NFC technology is regulated by Near Field Communication Forum which standardizes NFC communication between devices -- how they pair, share data and allow a secure transaction to happen.NFC Forum develops and certifies device compliance with NFC standards . NFC operate on ISM band of 13.56 MHz Frequency. NFC communication range is up to 10 cm. But, this is limited by the antenna and power radiation design. Most devices work within a range of 10mm. NFC Shield antenna is designed to work within a range of 1cm. NFC Shield provides all necessary circuitry for PN532 like 27.12Mhz crystal, power supply. It also beaks-out the I/O pins of PN532 for easy access.


  • Arduino Shield compatible. No soldering required.
  • SPI interface. Hence, most Arduino pins are available for other applications.
  • Built in PCB Antenna.
  • Supports both 3.3V and 5V operation.
  • Socket to connect other shields


  • 1 x RFID/NFC Shield
  • 2 x 6P Female Header
  • 2 x 8P Female Header

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